About Us

Just Hair, LLC, now doing business as The Face Hair Studios & Accessories was founded in 2012 by Jacque Tingle. A pioneering organization in Virginia offering professional non-surgical hair replacement solutions by providing medical prosthesis services for individuals dealing with Cancer, Chemo/ Radiation therapy, Alopecia, and any form of male/female pattern hair loss. I experienced hair loss and learned I had Alopecia, which I found ran in my family. Devastated and frightened at the person staring back at me in the mirror because I did not recognize her, leading me to research solutions to remedy this situation. For many years, it was "just hair" to me. Still, I soon realized that hair significantly affected a person's personality and self-esteem. Hair plays a vital role in what you see on the outside and how a person feels about themselves on the inside. Hair… it's personable for everyone, regardless of gender, race, or age. This is a part of my journey to help others find solutions to hair loss. So look no further! We're here for you! If you're in a battle with cancer, undergoing radiation/chemotherapy, Alopecia, or any form of hair loss, come and see me! We're here for YOU! And if you're looking for a new doo for special occasions and everyday wear, we're here for you too! Hair is for anyone and everyone who wants it! So come see us at The Face Hair Studios. We're waiting for you! Also, watch for my podcast coming soon called "In the Kink," where we will talk about hair, share a bite, find out what's got you in a kink, and how to live your best life!

Our Mission

To empower individuals facing hair loss challenges due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, or other causes, by providing compassionate and professional non-surgical hair replacement solutions. Our vision is to restore confidence and self-esteem, ensuring everyone feels empowered and beautiful. Through personalized care and innovative techniques, we aim to be the leading destination for holistic hair solutions, catering to diverse needs and occasions. Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics; we strive to create a supportive community through education, advocacy, and our forthcoming podcast 'In The Kink,' fostering conversations on hair and self-discovery. At The Face Hair Studios & Accessories, we're dedicated to helping you embrace your journey with confidence and style.

Our Value

Healthy Hair That Looks Attractive Can Make You Feel Confident And Super Attractive.

Taking a few basic hair care steps go a long way in maintaining your hair. Otherwise, hair fall, unhealthy hair, and lackluster hair is the end result that can well be avoided.